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Honeywell Prestige Comfort Systems

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Why Trane?

In today’s world, people are putting a greater demand on their air conditioner and furnace. They want to be comfortable, but the cost of energy and concern for the environment are surging.

Custom Air is proud to offer Trane equipment to our customers.  Trane is a world leader in providing systems, services and solutions responsive to all these modern realities, while delivering maximum energy efficiency.

The heating and cooling system is the most used appliance in the home.  Think about it – most people run either their furnace or air conditioner 60% of the time during the course of a year.

That’s why it’s important to have a reliable and dependable system – like a Trane system — installed within a home. And with today’s economic conditions, more and more people are staying at home.  Now you can be comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside!

Custom Tip:  What to do with unused Registers?