2 story solarium – too hot in the Summer, too cold in the Winter

Location: Worthington, OH

Problem: Our customer had a beautiful 2 story Solarium, that they couldn’t enjoy because it was always “too hot” in the summer or “too cold” in the winter. The area was heated by its own furnace and ductwork, and although the furnace was operating fine, there was no airflow in the solarium. Which caused the solarium to be nearly the same temperature, as outside.

What we Found: We determined the underground ducting under the solarium floor, must be restricted or plugged as there was no airflow coming out of the solarium floor supply registers, even though the main duct was under pressure. Once we removed the chase covering the ductwork, we found that that the existing ductwork was only three 4” supply ducts, which was extremely undersized.

The pictures below; show the old ductwork in the duct chase:

windsong_old_ducting_1 windsong_old_ducting_2

Solution: Abandon the the undersized ducting, as well as the underground ducting, and replace it with attractive spiral ductwork suspended from above. This would correct the airflow issue and return this space to a place to spend time in, and be enjoyed.

Our customer requested that we paint the ductwork so that it would blend in with the space. We gladly primed and painted the ductwork in our metal shop and our expert installation crew assembled it all on site, the following day.  We rebuilt the old duct chase and touched up the paint on everything, so that it would look perfect for our customer.


The Finished Product: The new, nearly invisble duct sytem and dramatically improved airflow, now allows this beautiful two story solarium to once again be a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Our customer says they have never experienced the level of comfort, that they now enjoy in this wonderful, newfound, part of their home. I’m glad we could help them resolve their issue.