Delaware OH basement requires horizontal Tempstar Furnace


Delaware, OH 43015


An 1880s home in Delaware County had a 35-year-old low-boy furnace on the floor in the short basement.  It had standing-pilot ignition, was rated 63% fuel efficiency, and had no room for an air conditioning coil.  The blower was belt-driven, and the air filter did not have easy access.

Old Luxaire "lowboy" furnace
The 35-year-old “lowboy” furnace was only 63% fuel efficient
Tempstar F9MVE furnace Delaware OH
Horizontally mounted Tempstar F9MVE furnace

Project Solution Benefits & Details

Scott Haring measured the old furnace, and mapped the supply air and return air ducts.  Field Supervisor Vic finalized the design for new insulated sheet metal ducts allowing a 96% efficiency Tempstar F9MVE furnace to be mounted horizontally.

  • Planning and design – Comfort Advisor Scott Haring measured the old furnace and mapped the supply and return air ducts.
  • Execution – Field Supervisor Vic finalized the design for the new insulated sheet metal ducts we fabricated in our sheet metal shop.
  • Most popular furnace – The Tempstar F9MVE gas furnace was selected for best fit and best value.
  • Breathes easy – Two-pipe venting with PVC pipe draws combustion air from outdoors and exhausts through the basement wall.
  • Thrifty gas consumption – The new furnace is two generations newer and rated 96% efficient.
  • Thrifty electric consumption – The high-efficiency variable-speed ECM blower motor delivers proper airflow.
  • Indoor Air Quality –  A high-capture media air cleaner was installed that uses a common disposable 20 x 25 x 4” thick air filter.
  • Future expansion –  The house did not have central air conditioning; we incorporated a provision for an evaporator coil in the new ductwork.
  • High and dry –  The entire assembly was perched on risers to keep it off the floor in case of ground water intrusion.
  • Remote drain – The condensate collects into a pump and is sent to a sanitary drain in the adjacent room.

“This grand old home deserved a heating upgrade, and Custom Air made the most of the opportunity with a new high efficiency furnace and valuable features.”Scott Haring


It was a big job, but our talented installers made sure it was done neatly.  It looks and works great and will save energy.  A future project may include a Mitsubishi Zoned Comfort System to serve the second floor, to manage the summertime cooling requirements.

The Tempstar Furnace TS-F9MVE-R

The Tempstar F9MVE furnace used in this project offers reliable two-stage delivery and variable-speed blower provide enhanced temperature control. This Tempstar furnace is packed with features:

  • Very quiet performance
  • Variable-speed blower motor and two-stage gas valve also provide enhanced levels of even temperature control and comfort
  • Dual fuel capable with a compatible heat pump and thermostat for energy-saving heating performance
  • Fully insulated cabinet keeps the heat moving to your ductwork
  • Air purifier & humidifier compatible for better home air quality
  • High temperature limit control prevents overheating
  • Wi-Fi enabled remote access
  • 10-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty
  • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

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