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Honeywell wireless thermostat solves big issues in 100-year-old House

Location: German Village, OH

Customer’s Issue: This 100-year-old all-brick house had three distinct living areas, each at a different temperature, depending on the time of day and intensity of sunlight.

What We Found: Dividing the ductwork into three zones was the obvious solution, but running wires to the second floor thermostats would have required significant demolition in the finished first and second floors.

Honeywell RedLINK Wireless Installation
Installer Ben shows off the Honeywell RedLINK Wireless Installation.

Our Solution: Honeywell wireless thermostats beam their information to these interface panels in the basement.  The homeowner provided this decorative panel on a flat-screen TV hanger.  The wires to the furnace, air conditioner, and zoning dampers were neatly routed by Custom Air’s installers.

Ask us about our Prestige with the Honeywell Redlink system.  Every customer I have meet loves this system, and you can access it from your smart-phone or any internet-connected computer.

2 thoughts on “Honeywell wireless thermostat solves big issues in 100-year-old House”

  1. I can’t imagine my house being three different temperatures.I think it would be great to have a remote for my thermostat. I would love to be able to control it from anywhere. That makes things a lot more convenient!

    • Julia, thanks for your comment. Many homes have areas (zones) that heat and cool differently. This 100-year old house had three: the original first floor with thick brick walls and few windows, the original second floor that got very hot in the summer, and the large new addition, a first-floor family room with lots of glass. Having a thermostat in each zone helps deliver the ideal amount of airflow to each zone using the motorized dampers we add to the ductwork. Honeywell’s Portable Comfort Controller allows you to monitor all zones on one device from inside the house. When the free Honeywell app is on your smart phone or tablet computer, you can monitor and control all the zones from anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection! The RedLink communications makes zoning for indoor comfort possible.

      Scott Haring


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