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The Custom Air BBB Story

Pat Halaiko, the president of Custom Air, shares three of the many aspects that has allowed Custom Air to maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau‎ (BBB) rating.   1. Taking care of our customers. 2. Hiring good employees and retaining them.  3. Respect of the suppliers and vendors. Custom Air has been accredited with of the BBB since 1979.

Mitsubishi Videos

Mitsubishi Advanced Filtration technology. Clear the air and make Comfort personal.
Mitsubishi Zone Comfort Solutions. Showing how individual comfort for every room is at your fingertips.
Custom Air Heating and Cooling installs a complete Mitsubishi Ductless system in a 100 Year old Columbus, Ohio house with many Heating and Cooling challenges.

Our TV Commercials

Our Newest Custom Air 30 Second TV Commercial.
Previous Custom Air 30 Second TV Commercial.
James Laurinaitis thanks Custom Air for making his home safe during the Coronavirus lockdown.