New furnace saves with Columbia Gas and AEP rebate

New furnace and Honeywell F100 media air cleaner highlights our new installation that will save our customer 25% on their heating bills.

Location: Gahanna, OH

Customer’s IssueA couple had been in their house near Gahanna since it was built in 1985.  The basic air conditioner was replaced with a basic Payne PA10JA030 in 2005; it probably did not deliver the rated 10 SEER being connected to the original indoor coil.  The original basic ArcoAire (by Snyder General) model GUF075 was still running—it was rated just 68.7% fuel efficient when brand new.  They stated their intent to retire in this house and wanted to “do it right.”

Our SolutionThe selected system met those objectives.  It is anchored by a new furnace, featuring the variable speed electronically commutated motor (ECM), and two stages of heat.  After verifying the ductwork could accommodate the airflow required for a three-ton unit, the great XL18i air conditioner was the best choice.  The special Weatherguard II top gives added protection and quiet operation.  Its two-stages allows it to dehumidify more without over-cooling in medium output most of the time, but full capacity is available when the load demands it, like many summertime party visitors.

The enhanced fin design of the 4NXCB036 evaporator coil gave the system 16.5 SEER and 12.0 EER ratings per AHRI.  The furnace is 96.7% AFUE—Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency.  New two-pipe venting in 3” PVC was neatly routed out through the basement wall with the decorative termination cap.

New accessories round-out the installation: a new color-display programmable controller also operates the Honeywell HE250 automatic bypass humidifier. A Honeywell F100 media air cleaner uses an easy-to-replace 16″x25″x4” air filter.  A new return air drop was fabricated and installed with a neoprene flexible connector to eliminate any vibrational noise issues, and the copper refrigerant lines were replaced to avoid any contamination issues between the old R22 and new R410A refrigerants.

The homeowner received an instant discount rebate from Columbia Gas, and mailed a rebate request from AEP.  Wells Fargo (see our financing page) approved them for a line of credit, so they’re making payments that fit the family budget.  Because Custom Air is a Heating System Replacement Program Ally for Columbia Gas of Ohio, the homeowners received a $300 instant discount for installing this qualifying high efficiency furnace.  They mailed the claim form and AHRI performance certificate to AEP Ohio for a $270 rebate on the Energy Star central air conditioner and programmable thermostat.

Contact me, Scott Haring, to help you select components for your new system installation by Custom Air in Columbus or Central Ohio.