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Pickerington, OH Pool Really Performs With “Free” Heating.

Custom Air Pickerington, OH Installation keeps humidity under control & windows free of condensation in pool room.


Honeywell wireless thermostat solves big issues in 100-year-old House

Ask us about our Prestige with the Honeywell Redlink system.

New York HVAC system

No heat furnace resolved in less than 24 hrs

Couple with newly purchased home, experienced a “No Heat” situation when the outdoor temperature was in the single digits.


2 story solarium – too hot in the Summer, too cold in the Winter

Location: Worthington, OH Problem: Our customer had a beautiful 2 story Solarium, that they couldn’t enjoy because it was always “too hot” in the summer or “too cold” in the winter. The area was heated by its own furnace and ductwork, and although the furnace was operating fine, there was no airflow in the solarium. Which caused the solarium to be nearly the same temperature, as outside. What we Found: We determined the underground ducting under the solarium floor, must be restricted or plugged as there was no airflow coming out of the solarium floor supply registers, even though the main … more

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Not practical to add ducts? Mitsubishi Solves it.

Location: German Village, OH Problem: Office in finished attic of 90-year-old house roasted in summer and froze in winter. Adding ducts from the basement was simply not practical. Addition of a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Heat Pump solved the issue. “Line hide” neatly conceals the refrigerant lines and power cable on the outside wall. This is our first winter with the finished room upstairs — and yes, we LOVE the unit.  A blessing of having it is that we don’t have any condensation issues on our 3rd floor skylights any longer.  The Mitsubishi is the finishing touch we needed to make the … more

Before After Tempstar Honeywell install

Replacement Furnace over repair is 30% more efficient. Before and After.

Location: Gahanna, OH Problem: The blower motor failed in this 24-year-old furnace, the original to this typical two-story house.  Custom Air’s service technician suggested they consider replacement over repair, given its age, and original rated efficiency of just 63.4%  A third of its heat was going up the chimney!. Solution: Custom Air recommended a full-featured Tempstar furnace.  It delivers two-stages of heat and uses an ECM variable speed blower motor for comfort, and has 96% gas efficiency.  New PVC flue pipes were routed out the back wall and a 4” thick air filter was added.  The installation was neat, clean, and completed in … more

custom air heating and cooling maintenance

20 year old furnaces replaced to better handle morning & evening loads

Location: Columbus, OH Problem: Twinned gas furnaces were 20 years old and worn-out. A single 10-ton AC served the main area but was inefficient. Solution: Custom Air replaced furnaces and staged them, and installed two 5-ton AIC units and staged them to better handle the morning and evening solar loads. Replaced old ductboard with metal.

Replaced boiler is now 90% efficient, quiet & accessible

Location: Whitehall, OH Problem: 5 breakdowns in one winter! Leaky pumps and valve issues. Boiler was estimated 50-60% efficient, causing high gas bills. Poor output from old 10-ton AC. Noisy old belt-driven air handler. Solution: Replaced single zone boiler with two 90% efficient gas furnaces and two 5-ton AC units staged for better control during occupied/vacant times. Air flow is now quiet, and access to components vastly improved.