Pickerington, OH Pool Really Performs With “Free” Heating.

Location: Pickerington, OH

Customer’s Issue: Keeping humidity under control and windows clear and free of condensation in a large pool room.

Our Solution: Custom Air installed 16” underground plastic duct work. Since all the ducting is located around the perimeter of the space and in the floor where water could potentially end up in the duct, we chose the Black Max PVC underground duct. This eliminated the concern of water sitting in the duct and causing rust in the future. Registers are located under each panel of glass to blow dry air at every cold surface so there is no condensation on the glass. The large number of skylights are a great feature to let in natural light, but it creates challenges in a pool room. The hot moist air will collect in the skylight and begin to drip back down. To eliminate this issue there are ceiling fans installed that run continuously to move the dry air up into the skylights.

We installed a ten-ton Dry-Air dehumidification system to service the pool area. This system not only heats, cools, and dehumidifies the room it provides essentially FREE heat to the pool water. When the Dry-Air system is operating in either the dehumidify mode or the cooling mode it generates 120,000 BTU of heat. This heat must be removed from the equipment. If the pool can use the heat, it is rejected to the pool water there by giving us the Free heat. If the pool is warm enough, the heat is sent outside to what looks like a standard air conditioner to be dissipated into the outside air.

Results: Even with the pool uncovered 24/7 the room is staying at 55% humidity. It does rise when there is high activity or when the hot tub is in use but as soon as the they are finished the room begins to return to normal.

This house will be featured in Home Trends magazine soon and was featured as a National Association of the Remodeling Industry tour home in September, 2013.

More images from this installation.

Dehumidification Units
Veri Dry twin 7.5 ton dehumidification units.
Reznor Gas Heater with a stainless steel heat exchanger
An 175,000 BTU Reznor gas heater was used to provide heating for the space. This unit was selected for its stainless steel heat exchanger that will not rust or corrode in a pool environment.
High quality aluminum grilles
High quality aluminum grilles used for intake and exhaust.
Custom made square to round fittings
Custom made square to round fittings from our shop going into the underground duct system.
The exhaust intake above the hot tub
The exhaust intake above the hot tub to remove humidity rapidly during use.
A Fantech fan used for the combustion process
Due to the large amount of pool heating equipment located in the room, a Fantech fan was used to bring in air for the combustion process.
Veri Dry systems use LED lights to show system status
Veri Dry systems have a series of LED lights to show the status of the systems and if there are any fault codes.
Outdoor heat rejection units
Outdoor heat rejection units. These are used to get rid of the heat generated by the equipment if the pool water is up to temperature.
Tempstar high efficiency air conditioners and furnaces
While the pool room was under construction we also installed four new Tempstar high efficiency air conditioners and furnaces.
The view of the back side of the pool room
The view of the back side of the pool room.
All aluminum floor registers
The floor registers that were used are all aluminum linear style for a clean look and once again no rust.
Slide for the grandkids
With all the grandkids coming over a slide was a natural choice.
The view from the upper deck and patio
The view from the upper deck and patio.