Not practical to add ducts? Mitsubishi Solves it.

  • Location: German Village, OH
  • Problem: Office in finished attic of 90-year-old house roasted in summer and froze in winter. Adding ducts from the basement was simply not practical.

Addition of a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Heat Pump solved the issue. “Line hide” neatly conceals the refrigerant lines and power cable on the outside wall.

This is our first winter with the finished room upstairs — and yes, we LOVE the unit.  A blessing of having it is that we don’t have any condensation issues on our 3rd floor skylights any longer.  The Mitsubishi is the finishing touch we needed to make the best use of the space.

Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners and heat pumps incorporate eco-comfort technology, triple-allergen filtration, and are whisper-quiet.

Unlike a typical window air conditioner which is “self-contained”, a mini-split air conditioner or mini-split heat pump consists of two separate components: an outdoor condenser, and an indoor evaporator.

The system is “split” into the compression and expansion stages of the refrigeration cycle. Refrigerant lines and electrical wires connect the condenser to the evaporator. The outdoor unit houses a compressor which pumps the refrigerant to the indoor evaporator where it expands and cools. A fan behind the evaporator coil blows the cool air into the room. Because the coil and fan blow directly into the room, the term “ductless” applies because no distribution system is required.

Mitsubishi Electric’s units are easy to install with no ductwork and they have extended the warranties to seven years on compressors and five years on parts.