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With Custom Air you get the satisfaction of knowing that your AC is installed properly, but also the peace of mind that knowing  your air conditioning is right for your budget, your environment and your future needs. For over 48 years Custom Air Heating and Cooling specializes in enhancing the enjoyment and convenience of your indoor environment. You benefit from the most modern HVAC products in the industry, skilled workmanship, cost-savings, reliability, and ideal comfort.

American Standard Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Installations in Columbus

Columbus’ Trusted Air Conditioning Installer

Our comfort advisors will walk you through the entire process during an evaluation of your air conditioning needs. If any of the following is true you may need a new air conditioning system.

If any of the following describes your current air conditioner or your environment,  you could benefit and save energy cost with a new air conditioner installation.

  • Cooling system is older than 10 years
  • Air Conditioning is inefficient is causing high energy bills
  • AC is producing Uneven or Excessive Temperatures
  • Adding an addition or renovating or Building or planning a new home
  • Using air conditioning window units and fans to cool rooms
  • Your air conditioning system is noisy and loud
  • Your making regular air conditioning Repairs
  • High humidity and associated issues
  • Air conditioning system is creating unusual odors

Home Air Conditioning Installation Process

Air Conditioning Installation
A energy-efficient air conditioner can make your environment dramatically more comfortable and quiet.

Our goal is to make air conditioning installation as worry free as possible. Once you approve your personalized estimate, our experienced installers will make certain that the air conditioning installation is clean, efficient and meets the highest industry standards. We will also guarantee that the system is operating at optimal efficiency before completion of the job. We’re Columbus’ air conditioning installation specialists, and aim for 100% satisfaction every time.

Air Conditioning Options

Purchasing a new air conditioner is an investment, and your comfort and the value for your is our business. Here are just a few options that you should consider when purchasing an air conditioner.  Call or Text (614) 552-4822 or contact us here and we can discuss any of these and other consideration that will maximize the value of your air conditioner installation.

Air Conditioning Installation
A new air conditioning can use less than half the electricity of your old one while doing a far better job of keeping you cool and comfortable.
  • Size Matters  Undersized equipment, ductwork, and refrigeration piping can affect the functionality of your air conditioner. We perform a full load calculation on your home with every estimate to take into effect all the windows and doors and the square footage of your home.
  • Efficiency  SEER Rating is the efficiency rating of the air conditioner. The higher the SEER the more efficient the air conditioner and the lower your monthly bill will be. Custom Air offers AC units rating in SEER ratings from a low of 13 to a high of 20 SEER on a standard air conditioning system. SEER ratings of older AC units are typically very low. Air conditioners wear out over time and have older technology. It is typical to find old AC units with SEER ratings of 6-10 SEER. By upgrading your air conditioner, our customers typically see a large reduction in utility costs as well.
  • Efficiency  We install units everyday that are as much as 200% more efficient the air conditioner it replaces. By upgrading your air conditioner our customers have better comfort, a quieter environment and can see a large reduction in their utility cost as well.
  • Single vs. 2 Stage Air Conditioners – Air Conditioners are available in single stage or two stage units. Two stage air conditioners are more efficient (lower electric bill) and provide better humidity removal.  If you plan on being in your house for more than 5-years we recommend a two stage AC unit.
  • Zoning –  Zoning systems are installed to even out hot and cold spots in a home. A two story home is a perfect application for zoning.  A zoning system would allow you to have a thermostat for each story without having multiple systems. Your Comfort Advisor Well certainly note this during a consultation and estimates and can give you options for air conditioning zoning  control.
  • Ductless AC installation – Ductless air conditioners or mini split installations are efficient, quiet and offer installation flexibility. These ultra-quiet systems are also ideal for spaces like add-on rooms or sunrooms, Window unit air conditioners make your home vulnerable to insects, weather elements and theft. Ductless mini-split systems offer a secure installation.

Air Conditioning Control

Air Conditioning Installation
Home automation and smart thermostats paired with your new air conditioner make this a great time to update your expectations of comfort and control.

Unprecedented control at your fingers – We offer many new air conditioner control options. We can easily pair a new air conditioner installation with a thermostat, zoning control and other HVAC  equipment to really change and automate your environment, even from afar. Customize the comfort in every room. Decide the temperature, fan speed, air quality, humidity, and ventilation you prefer.  Get maintenance updates and filter change alerts.  Keep track of energy use and make adjustments from thousands of miles away, no problem. With all the advancements in Technology, it is the perfect time to update your expectations for comfort.

Air Conditioning Financing Options

Because of our advanced training, qualifications and the number of air conditioners that we purchase and install, we have premier status with the best brands including American Standard, MitsubishiHoneywell, Goodman, Rheem & Tempstar. This gives Custom Air exceptional access to manufacturers incentives and extended warranties. Visit our finance option section to take a look at some of the options and have your comfort advisors walk you through the options that make sense for your cooling system needs and your budget.

Air Conditioning Installation Near Me

Our process begins with your initial contact and extends to maintenance that protects your investment and the life of your equipment and ends with your satisfaction. Every installation step is handled without delay and a complete respect for your your home.  We explain warranty requirements, product registration and familiarize you with the proper operation and features of your new cooling system. Don’t take our word for it, see what your neighbors have to say in our Custom Air Heating and Cooling testimonials.

Keeping you comfortable is our only business since 1976. We are a local Columbus company and service the entire greater Columbus area, including Franklin, Delaware, Pickaway, Fairfield, Licking, Knox, Morrow, Marion, Union, and Madison counties.

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