Oil Furnace Repair & Installation

Custom Air is an a Oil furnace repair company and has been servicing & installing Oil Furnaces for over 48 years. Oil heating was very popular years ago for home heating, it is still most popular in the Northeast. Oil Heating has been fading away over the years but we do see more of it in the rural areas of our greater Columbus service area, especially Franklin, Delaware, Pickaway, Fairfield, Licking, Knox, Morrow, Marion, Union, and Madison counties.

Oil Furnace Troubleshooting

Below are typical reasons that our customers contact Custom Air Heating and Cooling regarding the repair of their oil furnaces. It could be a simple repair like the system’s oil or air filter may be dirty or a blower could be clogged or a more complex repair because like a gas or electric furnace, oil furnaces will wear out over time. Oil furnaces are also often referred to as an oil fired furnace, fuel oil furnace, oil burning furnace or simply a oil furnace.

  • Oil furnace won’t turn on
  • Oil burner not igniting
  • Oil burner starts then shuts down
  • Oil burner has stopped working
  • Power venter issue with oil furnace
  • Oil furnace Don’t produce enough heat
  • Oil furnace turns on and off repeatedly
  • Oil furnace is very noisy
  • Insufficient Heat is Coming Through the Registers
  • Oil furnace burner’s running, but there’s no fire

Oil Furnace Repair Training

Like with many products today, the older technicians that knew how to work on oil heating equipment are retiring and many customers don’t know who to call for service or replacement. At Custom Air we invest in training our technicians and in recruiting like with our CATS program. We hold regular safety and training sessions with our employees and recently had a special training session with oil furnace specialists from Bard Oil Furnaces and Mark Kaplan, both nationally recognized oil furnace experts.

Oil Furnace Repair & Installation Expert Jim Cross of Bard HVAC
A Bard Oil Furnace expert trainer, during hands-on training at Custom Air Columbus

At Custom Air we have consistently invested in staff training and mentorship, it’s a difference our customers really notice.Jeff Reed

Jeff Reed
Oil Furnace Repair & Installation
Bard Oil Furnace expert leading classroom training on oil heating at Custom Air Columbus

Our Oil Furnace Repair & Installation Services

  • Regular Skilled Maintenance – Custom Air services the greater Columbus Ohio region and has professional repair technicians who are well-versed with all major brands of Oil Heating equipment. They’re licensed and authorized to get the job finished thoroughly and efficiently and will restore your unit to peak working order. Custom Air offers maintenance plans to keep your furnace running smoothly.
  • Professional New Installations – Custom Air will make certain that you have the right Oil heating system for your home or business. Choosing a brand new Oil furnace means understanding your requirements, the size of your home or business and making sure we fit your budget. We install the Energy Star products that are properly calibrated for performance and energy savings.
  • Everyday Expert Upkeep – Every oil furnace requires normal servicing. Regular Maintenance greatly extends the life of your furnace and can eliminate surprise costs and repairs. We will also will inform you when a replacement may be more expensive over time then a Repair.
  • 24/7 emergency service – Our emergency service will attend to your issues quickly, restoring comfort to your home or business.
  • Oil Furnaces Replacement – Custom Air is a leading oil furnace dealer and we sell high efficiency oil furnaces. Oil heaters are known for their dependable warmth during even the coldest winters.

Our Featured Oil Furnace line?

Custom Air is an Tempstar elite dealer and recommends The Tempstar QuietComfort Oil Furnace Series which comes with a 10-Year No Hassle Replacement Limited Warranty. This Tempstar oil furnace series is designed for durability, quiet comfort and improved efficiency.

Let Us Help with Your Heating & Cooling Financing Options

We understand that a new heating and air conditioning system is a major investment in your home. At Custom Air, we offer our customers with payment financing options with approved credit. Now you can benefit with convenient payment financing without straining your budget or running up your home equity line of credit.

With our FREE estimates, it costs nothing to find out about our affordable products, financing and superior customer service.

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